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We're in a world increasingly characterized by Facebook and Twitter, where we participate in a lot of unidirectional shouting about what we've done, where we've gone, what we ate, what we thought. What if instead, we talked about other people? What if we found out not where they've been in life, but where they hope to go?

About Our Hopes and Dreams fights two forms of extinction:
1) We fight the extinction of social connection by pairing up two players who have never previously met and providing guidance to help them discover the keywords that represent their stated hopes and dreams.
2) We fight the extinction of aspiration by encouraging players to think about what their hopes are for the future versus focusing on what they've accomplished in the past.

Just a few things we need before we set you up with a new player!
First name, please! :D

We can't wait for you to discover and share hopes and dreams with another player, but we want you to stay safe and comfortable while doing so! We've structured our questions to be forward-looking, dealing with things you aspire to versus things you've accomplished to help prevent personally identifying information from being revealed, but please keep your safety in mind! If you are EVER uncomfortable with the conversation you are having, you can always exit the session, edit your answers, and then start a new game.